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Adult Lessons with Dr. Yanni Chan

Never Too Late To Begin Again

Let the Joy of Music and Learning Begin Here With Personalized Piano Lessons Designed For You

Learning and being able to play piano is my biggest enjoyment. I self-taught myself different instruments from time to time. It's good to have a professional here to guide me for my long term goals. 

Ben X.

adult piano lesson Norcross GA

I had not played piano since elementary school  nearly 10 years ago , but Yanni easily adapted to my skill level , and was able to accommodate my learning flawlessly.

Tim. B

Yanni has been patient and flexible with me and my schedule as a single, working mother for which I’m immensely grateful...As a teacher she is focused on my gaining something from each of our lessons as opposed to simply keeping track of time...I am fortunate to have embarked on this musical journey with such a professional.

Melanie W.

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