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 Your Fingers Are Waiting to Play

Personalized and Customized Lesson Plans Tailored for You

Preschool to Adult at Any Levels

Studio Lesson

Offering piano lessons at teacher’s space, located in Suwanee, Georgia.

Online Lesson

Easy set up with a camera using Zoom and related platforms.

Studio Lesson

Studio Piano

Personalized lessons designed to develop students into well-rounded musicians. Areas of playing techniques, music theory, performance, note reading would be addressed. 

Interactive Games

Having fun while learning is the best and fastest way to learn! Enjoy this engaging lessons with games on music theory!

Buddy Lesson

Pairing up students with similar age in lessons ensures progress in learning. Students learn fast when learning happens together!


The Academy ensures performance opportunities every semester to share student's achievements!


Online Lesson

Online Class

Advanced camera and technology setup to optimized student's learning experience.

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Independent Learner

More focused learning by building up good independent learning habits like note writing. Students are in charge of the learning pace!

Flexible Schedule

Learning can happen anywhere in the world at your most convenient time!

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